Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Monday, September 16, 2013

You Will Feel Pain

Part 1 in "The Inevitable's of Success" series is the notion that YOU WILL FEEL PAIN. I'm not sure I have met any small business owners, entrepreneur's, large business owners, lawyers, students, singers, dancers, or any other career minded professionals that have ever gotten what they wanted out of their career without dealing with a little pain along the way. It may seem like some people have had their career and life handed to them by some miraculous blessing, but believe me, at every step on the pathway of success there will be some sort of pain felt. Whether your the aspiring lawyer who made all the right decisions in terms of education, but cannot seem to get their foot in the door at the company of their dreams, or the accomplished dancer that had to do "Teach for America" for a couple of years to they could earn money and and open up their own dance school, there is always a battle to overcome. Here are some reasons you must go through the pain if you EVER want to be successful.

1. You have to fail to find out what it takes to succeed

Lets say you attend an interview for the first time at some big name company, and you are super excited. You have spent hours prepping for the interview : Shopping for the perfect outfit, Looking up the Company, Going through Mock Interviews. You get to the interview, and the interviewer asks you for a copy of your resume. Only problem is YOU DIDN'T BRING IT! It didn't occur to you that maybe the interviewer will not have a copy of your resume. Now you look unprepared, someone interviews after you, they have their resume, and you just lost out on the job opportunity of a lifetime. Plus side to this is, not you know what to do for your next interview.

Or perhaps you opened your own fashion boutique. You do all the necessary legal things to make sure you can open your store, and you even invest in all the newest decor for the store. Problem? You did not advertise online or through social media for your store. You focused so hard on getting the business there that you didn't think about advertising at every level, and lost a lot of possible customers.

Failure should be looked at as a learning experience. Some failures affect us harder than others, but you grow as a person with each setback. Try facing setbacks and failures with optimism. Instead of always thinking "its another obstacle" think "that's one less obstacle for me to face in the future"

2. Hard work pays off

Literally. Hard work pays off. All the hours you put into your career now will translate to less work you have to do for yourself in the future. If you dedicate hours upon hours in schooling, internships, and volunteer work while in college, the less work you have to do to actually find a job, and your salary and benefits will be that much better. Spend your entire college career partying , sleeping, socializing, and barely passing, then you will have to work that much harder in your future to even prove to an employer that you are a great candidate for a position.

You will lose sleep, have increased stress, anxiety, run into dead-ends, and make countless sacrifices to make your dream career happen. The trick is to get all of that stuff out the way now. You should not have as many commitments and responsibilities right out of college that you would in your 30's, so now is the time to focus completely on yourself and commit to your career. Simple as that.

3. With pain, pleasure is more enjoyable

Sometimes, its good to experience the bad. Sometimes you have to learn how to manage through the pain. What makes crossing the finish line of a 10k race so enjoyable is knowing what you went through to get there. The hours spend training, tiring yourself out, pushing yourself to limits, and even sometimes hurting yourself makes it all worth it once you finish. Being able to tell all those people that told you, "You can't" that "I did" is so gratifying ( a little I told you so never hurt anyone).

At the end of the day, pain is inevitable, but pushing through gets you one step closer to making your success inevitable. Whatever puts you at peace at the end of the day (may it be God, Yoga, Food, Books, Music, or some form of them all) should be kept at a close place, because we all have a breakdown or two every once in a while, but it wont lead to failure with your peacekeepers at your side.

Monday, August 5, 2013

STYLE ME SUCCESSFULLY presented by PHLUFFashion Closet

Hello from the PHLUFFashion Closet! I would like to start out by saying that I am honored to be the contributing fashion writer for Inevitable I was asked to provide you ladies with all things fashion as it pertains to the workplace. As we all know, or as we come to find out, becoming successful in the arena of your choice is much like playing chess; you must always think two steps ahead in order land your dream career. A large component of your game plan, believe it or not, is your appearance. Let’s face it, the fact of the matter is, people are going to decide who you are and what you are capable of just by looking at the way that you present yourself. What you wear says a lot about your “work” ethic. Are you dependable, trustworthy, adaptable etc.? These are all verdicts reached by countless professionals that you may interact with on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to provide them with not only a great first impression, but a lasting one.

Now I know that dressing for your career can be tricky. Is this dress too short? Can I wear open toe shoes? It is my experience that few people are actually aware of appropriate work attire. There was no course in high school/college to teach you this stuff and each company’s dress code varies so we are left to fend for ourselves…
Well never fear because we are going to tackle this appearance thing together! Here at Style Me Successfully we will provide you with helpful tips on dressing for your chosen career and show you how to dress professionally with style whether for the office or for work-related events...And if you are budget conscious? No need to worry because so are we. We will provide you with ways to achieve a professional look without breaking the bank!